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You are invited to the 2004 Fall Province II Assembly October 29th-30th at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Beta Kappa has been quite busy planning and fundraising for this weekend-long event. This is just an informational letter with events planned, dates, and costs to help you prepare for the Assembly. More info is forthcoming.

Hotel: All events for Province, besides the opening social at the Beta Kappa house, will take place at the Wyndham Garden Hotel, including the meetings , lunch, and banquet on Saturday night. There are 20 rooms reserved, which can be adjusted if needed. The price is $99/night/room (2 double beds). These rooms are reserved under Kappa Psi until October 8th. Please call (412) 683-2040 or 1-877-662-6242 to make reservations.

Meetings: Registration for the assembly will be $45 and should be mailed to: Sara Waltenbaugh BK Regent 361 Atwood St. Pittsburgh, PA 15213. This should be received by October 18, 2004. If you wish to pay the registration fee when arriving at the assembly, the cost will be $55, which does include the catered lunch and dinner. Registration will take place starting at 8 am. There are many nearby restaurants and cafes including Bruegger’s Bagels, Kiva Han, and Panera Bread for those who wish to get breakfast before meetings begin at 9 am. At 12 pm we will break for a lunch buffet which will be catered by the Wyndham Garden Hotel. Following lunch, more meetings will take place and the chapter slide shows. We also will be having an event for pledges to attend, and we encourage all chapters to bring their pledges if they wish to do so.

Friday and Saturday nights: Friday night will be a Halloween Costume Party at the BK house, in which snacks, finger foods, and beverages will be provided. If you've never been to a Beta Kappa Halloween party, then you are in for a treat! Saturday night is the semi-formal banquet in the Wyndham Ballroom with a buffet dinner, awards presentation, a raffle, and of course a DJ and dancing afterwards.

If you have any questions or would like to let me know an approximate number of brothers and pledges planning to attend from your chapters, please email Steph Harriman, Province Chair, at smh33@pitt.edu.
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